Our magazine mockup generator for Photoshop renders commercial advertising and consumer page layouts in seconds. Find glossy open page spreads, landscape views, comic books, letter sizes, and other customizable magazine mockups with saddle stitching.

The magazine branding mockups are divided below into retail products for online mockup browsing. Each license free magazine spread mockup features a customizable template rendered using the PSDCovers mockup generator. Take your commercial designs or product designs and place it into the PSD mockup template to render your packaging high-angle or eye-level mockups in seconds.

  • PSD Mockup Comic Book Face Up
    PSD Mockup Softcover Comic Book Centerfold
    COMICBOOK018 is a combination graphic novel or comic book laying on a flat surface facing up.  This PSD Mockup renders your artwork or scanned material and renders it onto a product shot of a comic book opened to the centre page, the resulting PSD document which this action generates will contain multiple editable layers which you can modify to control the shadow and highlight intensity. This mockup simulates a comic book with a page density of approximately 30-40 pages.
  • PSD Mockup Comic Book Face Down
    PSD Mockup AKIRA Graphic Novel Face Down
    COMICBOOK017 is a comic book and graphic novel product mockup face down on a flat surface.  This PSD Mockup applies your comic book or graphic novel designs for the front and back covers onto a product shot which has the book open to the centre page and facing down on a flat surface.  If the product is a graphic novel then the action includes an area to place the spine design, the designer simply has to toggle the layer on after the render is complete.  Shadows and highlights are fully modifiable and can (ie, should) be modified as required.
  • PSD Mockup Graphic Novel
    PSD Mockup Comic Book Centerfold
    COMICBOOK013 renders your artwork onto this PSD mockup product shot of a comic book laying on a flat surface with a view from 30° above looking down at the mockup from the comic book's left edge. The final render creates a multi-layered PSD file with all layers fully editable for tuning the shadows and highlights to your liking. The mockup is suitable for rendering standard comic books and graphic novels which sometimes share the same dimensions but have slightly more pages.
  • PSD Mockup Graphic Novel
    PSD Mockup Comic Book Centerfold
    COMICBOO012 is a product shot of an open comic book rotated to 45° on a flat surface (shown in white but is actually transparent).  This PSD mockup applies your design onto both left and right pages of this mockup which represents a comic book or graphic novel with approximately 30 pages.  All shadows and highlights remain fully modifiable by the designer.
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    COMICBOOK011 is a comic book open to the centrefold with pages facing up and the mockup rotated to 30°. This PSD Mockup applies scanned or sketched artwork onto a rotated comic book with a final view from above looking down at 30°, the comic itself represents an approximate thickness of 30 pages and can be used to mockup graphic novels with spines as well as the standard folded and stapled comic book. All highlights and shadows remain fully editable for customizations.
  • comicbook010
    COMICBOOK010 is an open comic book on a flat surface open to the middle page. This PSD Mockup maps scanned or drawn artwork onto a comic book on a flat surface with the pages facing upward with a final view from above the comic book looking down at 30°. This Action can also be used to simulate graphic novels which are not much thicker than a standard comic.  All layers in the result are fully editable for quick changes to the shadows and highlights (or for adding new ones).
  • Open Magazine Face Down Centerfold
    Open Magazine Mockup Face down
    MAG012 is a top-down view of the back covers of a magazine. This PSD Mockup replicates a magazine open to the centrefold and facing down on a flat surface so that the back covers are pointing towards the sky. The spine of the magazine is clearly visible with minimal distortion whereas the front and back cover both curl upwards into the spine from the outer pages. This magazine is part of a small collection of views, some of which can be found here, here and here.
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    PSD Mockup Brochure Magazine Face Down
    PSD Mockup Brochure Mighty Deals
    SQUAREBROCHURE006 is a face-down square brochure. This PSD Mockup template applies your 2D design onto the Front, Back and Spine of the brochure/magazine product. Multiple layers for shadows and highlights can be modified to suit various conditions. This mockup compliments the front view seen here. This Action will take slightly longer than normal to render as it is very large, recent hardware recommended.
  • PSD Mockup Square Brochure Softcover Magazine
    PSD Mockup Square Brochure Softcover Magazine
    SQUAREBROCHURE005 is a full-spread square brochure laying on a solid surface. This PSD Mockup template features a square brochure in a full-spread state facing directly forward and is rendered on a flat surface with a view looking directly down (alterations to the shadow could make it appear to be standing as well). This particular Action takes longer to render as it is very large. Be prepared for a 3 minute render on recent hardware.
  • PSD Mock-Up Magazine Front Cover Action Front View
    PSD Mock-Up Magazine Front Cover Action Top View
    MAG007 is a front view shot of a typical magazine with a slight downward 45° camera angle. This PSD Mock-up renders a typical 8in x 10.5in magazine commonly used by publications around the globe in a full page spread layout laying on a flat surface. Other Actions similar to this mockup can be found here, here, here or view them all here.
  • PSD Magazine eBook cover action
    PSD Magazine eBook cover action
    MAG003 is a top view 30° angle shot of an open magazine. The PSD Mockup applies the supplied 2D artwork onto a magazine product shot, the dimensions for this magazine fit those used by a wide range of publishers and make a great template to create fake magazine covers or as cover design prototypes. Once rendering is final, the designer is presented with a new Photoshop document in which they can modify the shadows, highlights and background to suit their specific project specifications.

PSDCovers Magazine Mockup Mag001