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psdcovers mockups plugin screenshots walkthrough

Getting Started With The PSDCovers Plugin

Thank you for your interest in the PSDCovers Photoshop plugin! The PSDCovers plugin offers all the Actions available on this site through an easy to use interface within the Photoshop environment.  Whenever a new Action is released it will automatically appear in the panel with with all the other Actions.  Each Action is displayed as a final render making it much easier to visually identify the mockup you wish to use.  Additionally, we’ve added search filters so you can sort the Actions by category or by using a search field to sort by keyword — no more jumping between Photoshop and the website to find which Action you want to render!  


  • Mac or Windows.
  • Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6, CC (any release)


The following tutorial is for anyone who has installed the panel and would like to access the 100 FREE actions.  After reading through this tutorial you may want to check out our extended tutorial on how the panel works — it will walk you through the process of searching, caching, bookmarking and rendering your favorite actions.  

Launching The PSDCovers Panel

Once Photoshop has been launched, go to the Window menu and hover over the Extensions menu item to reveal the sub-menu popout. From this popout, select PSDCovers. Open PSDCovers panel using the Photoshop Window Menu  

Sign In Process

Whenever the panel is opened from a closed state, it will open on the Actions list page and present you with a subset of Actions which can be rendered without having to log in. For detailed information on all 3 possible methods to sign in to your account, click here. photoshop-psdcovers-free-mockups-subset  

Creating A New Account

If this is your first time using the PSDCovers plugin then you will need to create an account to access our 100 free preset Trace Actions:
  1. Click “Create a new account” to continue…
psdcovers photoshop panel create new account
  1. Enter your name and email address into the fields which appear.
  2. Click “Create New Account”
psdcovers photoshop panel enter new account details  

Email Confirmation Sent!

The panel will notify you immediately that it has created your new account and that a confirmation email has been sent to the address you provided. psdcovers photoshop panel email confirmation sent Click “Close” to close the email notification…  

Activate Your Account

To activate your account and start using the 100 free Mockup Actions you must first enter the temporary password.  This temporary password can be found in the confirmation email that was sent to your email address and will look something like the following: psdcovers phtooshop panel temporary password
  1. Enter the email address you used to create the account
  2. Enter the temporary password found in your invitation email.
  3. Copy the temporary password from the confirmation email and paste it into the password field
  4. Click “Sign In”.
psdcovers photoshop panel click sign in After the panel accepts your temporary password it will prompt you to enter a new password of your choosing to replace the temporary password:
  1. Enter your new password.
PSDCovers panel enter new password Click Update. You are now logged in and ready to find and render mockups!  

Plugin Overview

The Profile Panel

Whenever you Sign In successfully the panel will go to the profile panel — accessing the profile panel manually is highlighted by the cursor in the image below. photoshop-psdcovers-plugin-profile-page  

The Action List Panel

To get to the Action list simply click the Action icon located at the top of the panel (shown below at the top of the panel). The Actions are paginated in lists of 35 items to keep things manageable, use the navigation at the bottom of the panel to jump between pages just as you would on the website. PSDCovers panel Action List Finding content is done a few ways, you can use the search field which will instantly start filtering for your phrase and update the list. PSDCovers panel search filtering Alternatively, you can filter by entire categories by using the Category menu to the left of the search field.  Once the Action list is filtered to view all mockups in a specific category you can use the search field which will only filter results from that category. PSDCovers panel search filtering by category using the menu  

The Details Page

The Details page was made to resemble a miniturized version of the psdcovers.com website Details page (the page you normally download the Action from).  The difference between the Details page on our website and the Details page in the plugin is that you can run the Actions directly from the Details  page (manually installing the Actions is now a thing of the past). To access a Detail page we must find an Action in which we are interested from the Action List panel.  In the case of the screenshot below, we can be seen hovering our mouse over the BAG003 Action preview within the Action List. Hovering over the BAG003 product mockup preview To view the Details page for the BAG003 Action simply click on the highlighted row. Clicking the row immediately slides the Details page for BAG003 product mockup into view. The title, large image preview, text description, specs  and social sharing are all features found when viewing any mockup on psdcovers.com website with one notable difference — 2 large buttons named STEP 1 and STEP 2. PSDCovers Details page inline to the panel The STEP 1 and STEP 2 buttons work exactly the same as they do inside the Photoshop Actions panel. Each product mockup Action comes with 2 steps:
  1. STEP 1 — renders the template which you will use to place your designs into
  2. STEP 2 — renders the product shot into a new Photoshop document with your designs applied

The Bookmarks Panel

The PSDCovers plugin allows you to add your favorite mockups to the Bookmarks panel. Each product Detail page has a link to add the current mockup to your Bookmarks panel.
  1. Add To Bookmarks (below) adds the mockup to the bookmarks list.
PSDCovers Details page Bookmark feature To view your Bookmarks, click on the Bookmark icon at the top of the panel (see below). PSDCovers switching to Favorities view from Details page The Bookmarks panel works exactly the same way as the Actions list panel.  The category menu, search field filtering and pagination (if enough content is bookmarked) all work the same way but are limited to searching and filtering mockups found in your bookmarks list. PSDCovers Bookmarks panel with all your Favourites  

Accessing The Support Menu

To send us a comment, bug report or request for support, simply click on the panel options menu… PSDCovers plugin panel options menu All Support and Contact requests are fulfilled on psdcovers.com, therefore when selecting these options from the Support Menu you will be redirected to your web browser to complete the request. PSDCovers plugin panel options menu
The Options Menu
The order in which this menu is presented is not yet finalized, items may shift. The Enable logging option is for submitting bugs.  When you discover a problem you can Enable logging which will create a plain text file on your desktop called psdcovers.log — this file will contain a transcript of what the panel is doing and allow us to understand what failed.

Help And 100 FREE Actions

Need more help? We recommend reading our tutorial on how to use the PSDCovers panel which contains more in-depth information such as how to access the 100 FREE Actions.

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